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26. 4. NP Chobe


We spent a second night in the campsite in Gweta town. We prepared a good breakfast and watched several kinds of insects - an unknown big beetle and a big African grig, which was in the bottom of a sink.


We had to return about 70 km to the entrance gate of Nxai Pan National park where we waited for our lost spare wheel from the previous trip. We were successful and the rangers brought it. We thanked them and gave them some presents. Then we had a little trouble with this wheel. The mechanism which kept it under our car was damaged too and we had to put it into our trunk of our car. We managed to do it.

This day we planned to drive along distance from Gweta town to Kasane town - it was a distance of over 600 km The next problem was with the petrol which we round out of our return trip to Nxai Pan. Petrol stations in Africa are for a part and a rule is to fill the tank on every occasion. Fortunately we reach Nata town.

The next lead of our journey from Nata town along very long direct road to the North. The sun which still shone in our eyes was a little unpleasant. In the southern hemisphere the sun at non is on the northern side.

We had nice break in the campsite Elephant sands. It got its name from according the fact that this campsite was often visited by elephants. We were lucky because one of the elephant came to the water reservoir and we could watch him at a distance of about 30 km from the open restaurant during our coffee break.

We continued our journey after the coffee break with the elephant. We hurried a bit, we wanted to catch an afternoon cruise on the Chobe river in Chobe national park. We saw some elephants and oryxes along the road but we didn´t stop again. One warthod wanted to cross the road directly i front of our car. An other car was overtaking us so we couldn´t avoid at that moment. We felt a crash and the warthog lay on the road behind us, fortunately our car was ok. We left it lying. Someone or something would certainly eat it. We came to the Chobe safari lodge, where we wanted to reserved a cruise on the Chobe river. But the boat had already gone. We quickly booked a place in this campsite and hurried to the next recommended Mariana lodge. We arrived there only several minutes before the boat departure.

We quickly bought the tickets and boarded the boat. It was a big boat, some Japanese with us and a refreshments were prepared for us.

We observed some waterbirds, fisheagle, small crocodile, varan, some antelopes impala and kudu, buffalo and elephants on the riverside. But the greatest experience was a herd of bathing elephants. Only heads, trunks and backs protruded from the water. The elephants ate water grass and sometimes dived. We watched them for a long time from the deck of the boat. We saw several elephants later an a ashore later. Two young male were fighting each other. We returned to the port after sunset. It was lucky, that we had reserved the place because the campsite was completely full. It was our last night in Botswana.