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24.4. Moremi and Gweta


Our last day in the Moremi NP started very early. Before going out from the park, we watched the beautiful sunrise. We were waiting for animals, but everywhere was quiet, only the birds were flying from tree to tree. When the sun was high, we drove slowly to the gate. On  the way we met zebras, impalas, eagles and giraffes.  But one meeting with a giraffe was exciting, because we noticed that near the giraffe was a bigger bull elephant. So, on one side of the road was the big giraffe and on the other side was en even bigger elephant and on the road was deep sand. We had to go very quickly and hope that the elephant would not charge us.  We were lucky again, the elephant stayed on place. Then we saw big black birds with red beaks - they were “Southern ground hornbill”. It a new species for us. We arrived at the gate around noon. After leaving the park, we saw our first hyena. But it was dead. .

Before going to the town Gweta, we stopped in Maun. We bought permits to the NP N´xai pans and went to buy some food, especially big beef steaks.

Then we drove on towards the town Gweta. The town is near the national park N´xai pans. We had to stay Gweta, because in the park it was very expensive. We found a beautiful small camp in the centre (Gweta lodge). Before going to sleep we prepared the big beef steaks and drunk red wine -  excellent dinner.