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22.4. sunday


We left the camp in the morning and went to the airport. An attendent from Kawango air office, where we booked our flight the day before, picked us up in the office at the airport. He went with us through passport and baggage control and led us to “our” plane. It was a small plane for 6 people including the pilot. The young pilot introduced himself and told us some instructions and information. We sat down, put on a seatbelts and the plane started to taxi runway.
For Alena, Milan and Honza it was first experience with such a small plane and we were surprised that the pilot can´t see ahead while a driving on a ground, because the front part of a plane is raise up and he has to use a navigation.
And then we were in the air... we flew over the town Maun, we saw small houses and fields, goats, and cows and then finaly bush, marshes, swamps and wild animals.
We saw antelopes, hippos, elephants, giraffes, wildebeest and a large herd of buffalos. The flight was quiet, on hour passed very quickly and we saw fields again, cows, small and bigger houses, the town and runway. At the airport we said good bye to the pilot and set off to Moremi park. An asphalt road ended after about 30 km and dusty roads started. We arrived at the park´s gate at noon. While we were traveling through the park, we saw some impalas, 8 giraffes and some times nothing. Then our first elephant appeared  - a  young male. We stopped our car and began to take pictures. He became a bit angry after some time, so we decided to go away. But the sound of the engine angered him still more, he spread his ears and ran behind us. Fortunately, there was a young tree between the elephant and us. Elephant stopped in front of it and shook it strongly, to show his power to us but he didn´t run after us and we could continue on our journey undisturbed.
We came to a crossroads shortly after our meeting with the angry elephant. One of the ways was straight, the second one led around a swamp. We decided to go the way around the swamp. We hoped to see something interesting there. And we realy did! We met to another car and driver showed us something in a bush. A lion family was there! Two males, one female and three lion cubs where lying in the shade under the bush. The adult lions were very lazy in the heat. The old lion raised his head for a moment only, but his cubs were playing around their mother. We watched them for some times and took pictures. Then we continued on our journey. We saw a small herd of elephants with a young one on  the way by a waterhole, one hippo in an other waterhole and several kudu antelopes.
We arrive at the camp (Third bridge camp), where we had book a place in advance. We were warned about the necessity to tide up our food and rubbish because of hyenas and other predators. There were only 6 places for camping in this camp and they were at such a distance from each other that we could not see from one to another. At each place, there were a fireplace, a water and a trash can. The toilets and showers were nice but quite far away. We had some food and went on an other trip. We returned to the waterhole with the hippo, watched it for a while and we saw some water birds too. We put up the tents, lit a fire and cooked dinner after our return to the camp. We heard the voices of hyenas and lions all night.

190 km per day (526 470 km)

Petrol 27,71 l (8,23 Pula/litr)