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20.4. (friday)

We woke up at  7 AM, and we prepared for the day with the San people. After our first breakfast in Botswana, we had to go to reception. There we waited for our guide. The guide was one of the San people. The San people are indigenous people in the Kalahari desert. They live in the desert in harmony with nature. They have a lot of experience with living in nature and then they can adapt to different natural conditions. For example, they can find water in the places where other people think there is none. They have unique language with clicks, it is a very difficult language for other people.

We started our experiences in the San village, where we learned how to make a rope from Sansevieria leaf and jewellery from ostrich eggs. Then we went with men to the bush. They showed us the footprints of different animals. We made the snare for the bird Kori bustard. After that we went back to the village, where the women danced for us. They prepared lunch for us and all the people in the village. We had beef with rice and cabbage with potatoes. We had two hours to relax after lunch, because it was very hot. In the afternoon, we drove about 20 km from the village, where we collected seeds (we don´t know their name). In the bush we found an old snake skin, the San said it was black mamba. But they said, there aren´t any dangerous animals, all animals are friendly. After sunset we went to the village. At 8 PM the ceremony started  for us. We sat around the fire with San ladies, they kept the rhythm by clapping and singing. The man danced around the fire with special rattles on their legs. They were a spider cocoons with acacia seeds.This dance could only be done by healers in past, but today is only show for tourist. But for us, it was one of the most amazing experiences of in our journey.

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