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19.4. (thursday)

The plane touched the runway at 6 AM and we were in Namibia, in country which many people consider as one of the most beautiful on the world. Namibia has an area of 825 mil.km2, where 2 milion people live. Its second independent country with lowest population density per square kilometer (Namibia 2.5, Mongolia 1.7  population density per square kilometer).

When we landed, we were welcomed in the small international airport. We had to go to border and passport control, because Czech people must have a visa. The Namibian driver waited for us in the arrivals hall, and we went with him to the car rental. We had reserved a Toyota Hillux with full equipment in small car rental - Kalahari car hire. The car was ready and everything was ok. We could start on an adventure. But... Driving is on the opposite side than in the Czech Republic, it´s same as in Greate Britain. But Milan had experiences with driving on the left, and he drive from Windhoek. The biggest problem we had with wipers and indicators. When we needed wipers we used indicators. But the capital city Windhoek is very calm town with little traffic and with GPS we didn´t have a problem going out from town. We went to the border crossing  Mamuno, because we had to go to Dqae Qare San Lodge Lodge in Botswana. It was a very long way, about 600 kilometers, but the road was good and straight, very straight. The main problem we had was with animals in the road (cows, goats and donkeys). AT the border with Botswana we didn´t have any problem and in the evening we were in our lodge. It was our first time putting up tents on the roof of our car. We were suprised because it was very fast. At about 9 PM we went to sleep, because all the next day we would spend with the San people (bushman people).



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