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18. 4.  (wednesday)

Our expedition BONAMI 2012 started on wednesday 18.4. 2012 at 5.30 AM. BONAMI means BOtswana and NAMIbia. Our expedition had 4 members, Jana, Honza, Milan and Alena.

The first steage was from Liberec (Jablonec n.N.) to Prague, where we went by car with Milan´s daughter. In Prague we went to the train station, because at 9.00 AM the train  went to Munchen. Journay ran very fast, and we creativ the name of our rented car Toyota Hilux, his new name was Hnilux. At 3 PM we were in Munchen  train station, but we had to go to Munchen airport.The airport is 40 km from the town centre. We went by town train C8, but with our heavy luggage it was very complicated. After our arrival at the airport we put our luggage on Dropp off office, because we used  check-in from internet. At 7.00 PM we went to the duty-free zone and gate B15. At 9 PM we boarded the airplane, and waited to start. Departure was on time and calm. The plane up to a height of 10 km. For dinner we had penne with broccoli or chickem with gnotchi. After dinner we sat in free seats, and went to sleep with expectations of what we could expect in the next month.


Fotogalerie 18.4.