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2.5. Etosha


We didn´t spend a good and quiet night especialy early morning. Our nearest neighbours in the campsite Halali who travelled in special truck-bus got up very early (4 a.m.) and they were very noisy furing theri morning preparation of breakfast and the folding of tents.
We left the campsite at 8 a.m. We were lucky because soon we could see a nice male lion who was lying in the grass. We waited for several minutes and then we could observe his dignified departure to the surrounding bush.
About midday we arrived at the campsite Okaukuejo where we checked our booked place for that night. We spent the noon time by the nice pool in the campsite with good hamburgers and very good South African beer.
Then we continued to another waterhole which is called Olifantsbad. Here we observed a group of zebras, impalas and wathogs.
We returned to the campsite and during our trip we saw a big elephant which was completely white from salt pan mud. He was at another waterhole with several zebras.
In the evening we went on foot to the camp water point. We sat on the bench behind a low stone wall. We were lucky because we observed a nice live performance with two jackals, several zebras and seven black rhinos !!!