Čeština (Česká republika)English (United Kingdom)

1. 5. NP Etosha


We packed up the tents with the first morning sunbeam. After breakfast we looked for a blossoming cherry for the first spring kiss. Women are the kissed on The first May, for their health and beauty. It is the tradition in the Czech republic.  But the cherry trees in Namibia doesn´t grow. We had to look for another blossoming tree. We found the plum in the bottle (spirit from plum). After a romantic morning we went on a safari. We drove to the nearest waterhole, where other people had seen the lions. But we didn´t see the lions. From the waterhole we went to the next camp Halali. On a crossroads we met a cheetah family, the mother with her two cubs. It was very short time, which she allowed us to spend with them. It was an amazing experience.

On the road to the camp Halali we observed some antelopes, zebras, giraffes, jackals and a puff adder. The puff adder is the most common adder in southern Africa causing over 70% of serious snake bites in the region. We studied the adder from the safety car.

We arrived at the camp and we relaxed be a swimming pool. At the pool we observed a young blond women. She wanted to jump into the pool. But on this side of pool was low water level. She jumped very badly, on her belly. Milan commented all time her jump and at the end of commented he saw “ She is showing off all time  and now she jump a belly flop, and now she will speak Czech to me ”. Young woman emerged from the water and said to Milan “ Yes of course, I speak Czech, I am Czech”. We laughed, the world is very small.

All afternoon we drove around the waterholes near the camp. We visited the Etosha Looked out with a beautiful view of Etosha salt pan.

Before going for a night view at waterhole, we prepared the dinner. We were luckyer, than at the waterhole in Namutoni camp. Three rhinos came to drink the water. They were bulls and they fought among themselves. After quenching their thirst, they went to left for the bush. We through mean, that it was the end. But a herd of elephants rushed from the bush. The herd had 47 members. They were only five metres from us. Between us and the elephants was the electric fence. It was relative safe. The nature show ended at about 11 p.m. and we went sleep to quickly.