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29.4. Ngepi camp


We had a relaxing morning. We woke up with beautiful the sunrise. The sun was shining on  the  surface  of the Okavango river. Alena, milan and jana went for a shower. The shower in Ngepi camp was the same as the trip through the jungle. In the shower were many tropical plants.

After breakfast we went to the reception, paid for the night and we asked where a swimming pool was. The swimming pool was in Okavango river, where we could swim with crocodile and hippos. We were protected from the animal by an iron cage. The water had a comfortable temperature. Around 11 a.m. we had to go on the next trip. We drove to the town Rundu where we had to buy water, bread, beef steaks and other eatables. Because for the next 5 days we would be in the national park Etosha. We needed for chang some money, but the bank was close, because it was Sunday. We looked for an ATM because we needed to withdraw money. Then we drove around two hundred kilometres to our next campsite. We drove through an amazing landscape. It is true Namibien country. Before sunset we were in the "Tree sleep camp". The camp was under reconstruction, but they capt one place for visitors. We were lucky, because we were alone. At the place stood a wooden tower, where the visitors could build a tent. But we had our “Pupkevič” with roof tents, that´s why we didn't use tower. Before sleaping we prepared the beef steaks and drank good namibien beer. We went to sleep very early, because our next day would be very hard.