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27.4. Poppa falls


Before the next trip, we had to visit a car mechanic. We had to mechanic our spare wheel. We wanted to find the car repair Max Penelbeter. We got lost in the city and we had to ask for direction. The car repair was near the Zambian border. Max looked for the fault and gone us the price and how long it would take. While repairing the car, we spent time in a coffee bar. We collected our car after two hours. Our next journey continued to the Namibian border. It was 70 km through the Chobe national park, but we didn´t see any animals. The river Chobe forms the border between Botswana and Namibia. It was a beautiful view. We found our first chameleon, he looked like as CD :-) (see photo). In Namibia we went to the city Katima Mulilo. We needed to change some money. Jana and Milan went to a bank and they waited in a long queue. When they came to the counter, the computer stopped working. Unfortunately, it was 3.30 PM and other banks had already closed. We had find an ATM to withdraw money. We had to drive 300 km to a campsite and we didn´t have much time. The road along the Caprivi strip can be dangerous. Many animals for example elephants, cross a road there. Because we didn´t have time we drove quickly. But when we met a herd of elephants, we had reduce our speed for our safety. During the sunset they was reduced visibility. But after the sunset we didn´t see almost anything. We met the biggest elephant about ten kilometers before the campsite. He was nervous because we were only ten meters from him and we shone our high beam on him. The campsite was near Poppa falls. We put up our tent, prepared dinner and then we went to sleep. We were very tired, especially the driver.